Heritage Creations wooden sheds, bunkies, barns, cabins, gable, storage

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made in canada

Wooden Storage Sheds,
Bunkies, Lofts and Cabins

 Attractive and superior in quality

Custom-built, solid wood 8" tongue and groove siding (no plywood) portable garden sheds, bunk houses, small rustic cottages and garages up to 12 ft. x 24 ft.

These buildings are not mass-produced.
They are hand-made - one at a time!

All buildings are portable and in most cases, a building permit is not required as they are built on pressure treated wood skids (part of the floor)





Metal roof optional

No expensive foundations required - just place 2 ft. x 2 ft. patio blocks or gravel under the skids and POOF, done!

We deliver fully assembled - or in Prefab form!